a message

to our guests:

The wellbeing of our guests and colleagues is our utmost priority

and we care deeply about our guests, colleagues and community’s safety. We welcome everyone back as we reopen to you on Friday May 15th, 2020. Therefore, safety is of primary importance, and amid the ongoing pandemic, we have taken a variety of steps to ensure we are running a clean, safe and inviting hostel:

no cash


social distancing instructions

in place

disinfecting key cards

pens, etc.

safe check-in

and express check-out

express breakfast

(fresh coffee & oatmeal packs)

expert cleaning

of Rooms & Facilities

free fresh linen

& towels

Dorms are now open

with limited occupancy in each room

special kitchen instructions

in place

We appreciate you and your efforts to help create a safe environment!


Getaway Hostel Staff